280+ languages in person, by phone or video!

With over 14 years of experience providing a wide-range of language services in Spanish, Dr. Patricia Reagan, Founder of Richmond Translator, saw the growing demand for services in various languages in RVA.  In 2012, with a mission to make communication seamless between speakers and writers in an accessible and affordable way, she launched Richmond Translator LLC which now provides language access in 280+ languages.

Dr. Reagan has a PhD in Spanish from the University of Virginia. She is a licensed trainer for the Community Interpreter, the only National Training Program in the U.S. for Community Interpreters.

SERVICES: Certified Translations & Interpretation:

  • Legal: Courts, Court Services, Law Firms, Law Research Firms, Birth Certificates, Wedding Certificates, Immigration documents, Real Estate Sales, Power of Attorney, Apostille of the Hague
  • Medical: Hospitals and Clinics in Anti-Coagulation, Audiology, Children’s Rehabilitation, Child and Family Psychology, Endocrinology, ENT, Epilepsy, Fertility, Gynecology, Imaging, Mammography, Neurology, Nutrition, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Pediatrics, Psychology, Rheumatology, Sleep Lab and Sports Medicine
  • Social Service Agencies: Departments of Social Services, Child Protective Services, Rehabilitation Services, Health Departments, Mental Health
  • Community Agencies:  Universities and Schools, Hotels, Newspapers, Refugee Services, Hispanic Liaison Services, Chambers of Commerce, Churches, Consulates
  • Other Language Services: Spanish Tutoring, Curriculum Development, Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity Training, Development of Marketing Materials, Training in Culture, Customs and Etiquette for Spanish Speaking Countries, other Spanish Language Services
  • Notary Services: VA Notary Public