Dr. Patricia Reagan

President of Richmond Translator & Certified Spanish Interpreter, Translator & Provider of Spanish Language Services


Dr. Patricia Reagan has been a freelance interpreter and translator in Virginia since 2004. She has provided interpreting and translation services in legal, medical, social service and community settings for individuals, companies, law-firms, non-profit organizations, and federal agencies among others. In 2012 Richmond Translator became an LLC and in 2014 she finally realized her decade long dream of expanding her business to offer interpreting and translation services in various languages.  

Dr. Reagan completed the 40 hour Community Interpreting Course offered by the International Rescue Committee in Charlottesville, VA in 2004 where she lived until recently relocating to the Richmond area. In August of 2012, Dr. Reagan completed a 28-hour course, “Healing Voices: Interpreting for Survivors of Torture, War Trauma & Sexual Violence,” in Columbia MD. She now shares her training by mentoring other interpreters and translators.

Dr. Reagan earned her PhD in Spanish from the University of Virginia in 2008. She has studied abroad extensively in Spain and Argentina and speaks Spanish at home with her fiancé who is from Mexico. She has traveled to 12 countries where Spanish is spoken; therefore, she masters various dialects and regional idiosyncrasies allowing her to specifically address her client’s needs.

Since 2002, Dr. Reagan has taught Spanish language, literature, and culture at the university level. Her research focuses on contemporary Latin American fiction and Latinos in the United States. Her book, The Postmodern Storyteller focusing on the fiction of José Donoso, Gabriel García Márquez and Mario Vargas Llosa was published in July, 2012. She has also written various articles and encyclopedia entries extensively on bachata music of the Dominican Republic, Latino folklore and the fiction of Julio Cortázar and Jorge Luís Borges.


Swam Certification Number: #702004 Expires 2015

VA Notary Public Commission Number: #7523623 Expires 3/31/2016

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Services & Clients




Certified Translations & Interpretation:

  • Legal: Courts, Court Services, Law Firms, Law Research Firms, Birth Certificates, Wedding Certificates, Immigration documents, Real Estate Sales, Power of Attorney, Apostille of the Hague
  • Medical: Hospitals and Clinics in Anti-Coagulation, Audiology, Children’s Rehabilitation, Child and Family Psychology, Endocrinology, ENT, Epilepsy, Fertility, Gynecology, Imaging, Mammography, Neurology, Nutrition, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Pediatrics, Psychology, Rheumatology, Sleep Lab and Sports Medicine
  • Social Service Agencies: Departments of Social Services, Child Protective Services, Rehabilitation Services, Health Departments, Mental Health
  • Community Agencies:  Universities and Schools, Hotels, Newspapers, Refugee Services, Hispanic Liaison Services, Chambers of Commerce, Churches, Consulates

Spanish Language Services:

  • Spanish Tutoring, Curriculum Development, Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity Training, Development of Marketing Materials, Training in Culture, Customs and Etiquette for Spanish Speaking Countries, other Spanish Language Services

Notary Services:

  • VA Notary Public Commission: Number: #7523623 Expires 3/31/2016


  • Albemarle County & City of Charlottesville General District Court
  • Albemarle County & City of Charlottesville Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court (Civil & Criminal)
  • Blue Ridge Detention Center
  • Charlottesville Court Services Department
  • Law Office of Billy & Seli in Richmond, VA
  • Law Offices of Dana Slater in Charlottesville, VA
  • Law Offices of Richmond & Fishburne in Charlottesville, VA
  • Law Offices of Gentry, Locke, Rakes & Moore in Roanoake, VA
  • Law Offices of Harman, Claytor, Corrigan & Wellman in Richmond, VA
  • Law Offices of Richard Davis in Charlottesville, VA
  • Law Office of Mario Lopez Ramirez in Mexico
  • Law Office of Robinson & Gerson in Richmond, VA
  • National Legal Research Group, Inc.
  • Offender Aid & Restoration Program
  • Orange County Jail


  • Albermarle County & City of Charlottesville Public Schools
  • Hanover County Public Schools
  • Stauton County Public Schools


  • Albemarle County & City of Charlottesville Child Protective Services
  • Albemarle County & City of Charlottesville Department of Social Services
  • City of Richmond Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • County of Hanover, Division of Parks & Recreation
  • NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
  • Region 10 Alcohol, Risk Assessment and Rehabilitation


  • Amica Insurance
  • Bituminous Insurance
  • Capstone ISG
  • Southern Insurance Agency


  • Guatemalan Consulate Mobile Services
  • Mexican Consulate Mobile Services


  • Thomas Jefferson Health Department
  • University of Virginia Hospital
  • UVA Anti-Coagulation clinic
  • UVA Audiology clinic
  • UVA Children’s Rehabilitation Clinic at Kluge
  • UVA Child and Family Psychology Clinic
  • UVA Endocrinology Clinic
  • UVA Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic
  • UVA Epilepsy Clinic
  • UVA Fertility Clinic
  • UVA Gynecology Clinic
  • UVA Imaging Clinic
  • UVA Mammography Clinic
  • UVA McCue Center of Sports Medicine
  • UVA Neurology Clinic
  • UVA Nutrition Clinic
  • UVA Orthopedics Clinic
  • UVA Pain Management Clinic
  • UVA Pediatrics Clinic
  • UVA Psychology Clinic
  • UVA Rheumatology Clinic
  • UVA Sleep Lab Clinic


  • Centro Newspaper of the Richmond Times Dispatch
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (VAHCC)
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Lingua Flo, LLC
  • Nuevas Raices Newspaper
  • Sleep Inn & Suites
  • Southern Institute of Research, INC.


Richmond Translator, LLC

PO Box 562
Ashland, VA 23005
(804) 218-3084


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Testimonials & Accolades

“Dr. Reagan’s expert, efficient service helped our family tremendously as we navigated new terrain of Hague Apostilles, certified translations, etc. Within a very short period of time, Dr. Reagan translated, certified, and collected the necessary Apostille for multiple documents. She communicated with us every step of the way and really went the extra mile to provide great service and quick turnaround! Highly recommend Richmond Translator services!!”

-Courtney Dodson, Danville, VA (Certified translations of all Requirements for Non Lucrative Family Visas: State Police Criminal Background Reports, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate, Health Insurance, Medical Certificates, May 2014)


What was initially just a quick birth certificate translation evolved into quite an odyssey, but Dr. Reagan quickly and ably helped me navigate the entire translation process, obtaining the Apostille of the Hague from the Secretary of the Commonwealth and getting the documents to Spain faster than I could have imagined. Her excellent, informative communication also allowed me to keep tabs on the time-sensitive process and remain calm and confident that everything was going smoothly.

– Justin P. (Certified translation of birth certificate and Apostille sent to Spain, 2013)


Ms. Reagan’s services were more than appreciated by our parents and staff.  She has a terrific grasp of the language! She is very professional and appeared to place the parents at ease during an otherwise overwhelming process.  We are very fortunate she was available to help us effectively service our growing population of hispanic students.

– Shawna R. Newbill, MSW, C-SSWS, Hanover County School Social Worker (In-person intrepretation at IEP meeting, 2012)


Excellent Curriculum Developer for Spanish! Very knowledgeable, professional and organized.

– Julie Quasarono, Executive Director, LinguaFlo, LLC (Spanish Curriculum Development projects, 2012-2013)

Professional Recognition as a Scholar in Spanish at the University Level

Prof. Reagan publishes a book: The Postmodern Storyteller 
Prof. Reagan receives a teaching award

Connecting Students to Spanish in the Community and Abroad

Student Experience Testimonial: Alex Zizzi ’14
Service Learning in Richmond January 2013
January Term in Costa Rica
Student Experience Testimonial: Rebecca Davis’13
Student Experience Testimonial: Zach Sherrod ’13



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    The company gives back 5% of interpreting hours and translated documents to community non-profit agencies through “paid” volunteer hours to the company’s contractors.

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Some of my business comes from fixing BAD translations: This sign at the Science Museum of Virginia (with a $5 million dollar revenue in 2012) is mistranslated! It says No Food or BABY beyond this point! You need a professional!

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Richmond Translator is growing and recruiting contractual interpreters and translators for assignments in the Richmond metropolitan area. All languages desired. Experience not required but advanced language skills are a must—training will be provided. This is not a full-time position but rather a perfect supplemental job, as you will be considered for assignments only on the days and at the times of your availability.


Interested individuals should send a resume and outline your related experience via email to Tricia at richmondtranslator@yahoo.com. All work will be on an on-call basis as needed. Excellent pay. For questions please call (804) 218-3084.


Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese/Mandarin, Tagalog, Somali, French, Arabic, German, Hindi, Persian/Farsi/Dari and others.